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For me, creativity is an ongoing process. It's all about reaching, stretching, exploring and experimenting to bring the concept to reality. I love it when I can say "Yep, that's it - that works for me”.


As a child I was fascinated with creativity—drawing, cutting, painting and assembling the ordinary things around me into beautiful, engaging works of art.


That eventually led me to Wayne State University to earn a B.A. in art education and sculpture then to the University of Michigan Medical School to study anatomy and physiology for medical illustration. I continued my education in graphics, sculpture and welding at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit and welding at the Fine Arts Sculpture Foundry in Clarkston, Michigan.


After being involved in the essential and specific details of medical illustrations I "let loose" and threw myself into working with metals-primarily aluminum. My welded sculptures can best be characterized as hard edged examples of the Constructivist School of Design. Each sculpture emphasizes the strength of the material in a design that evokes a directional flow of movement.


I then became interested in neon, particularly the way the light reflected on other materials such as aluminum and glass. I wanted to use neon as a sculpture, not merely as an addition, and began exploring its properties. I discovered that combining neon with fiberglass is an especially powerful way to bring out the charm and vibrancy of the lights, which dance, play and move throughout the sculptures with elegance and energy.


Today, I'm exploring the use of photography and digital art in capturing and arranging the shapes, the abundance of vibrant colors and the movement of their seemingly endless patterns.


I have been represented in galleries, juried art shows, private collections and public commissions since the 80's. I have worked with architects and designers on commercial and residential projects.


My studio is in Chicago, after working for many cherished years in Bloomfield, Michigan.

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